To be a leading innovative pharmaceutical corporation in Eurasia, which offers high-quality medicines of the last generation and has a high reputation in the community.



Production of high quality and effective medicines of the last generation to improve people’s health and lives.


High Quality and Customer Satisfaction.
Striving to consistently high quality in all affairs and undertakings for achieve success and consumer satisfaction.


Teamwork and Cooperation

Corporate company culture supports teamwork, partnership, effective and timely cooperation in order to achieve quality results. We believe that the greatest company value is our people. We support the continuous professional staff growth, sharing ideas, knowledge and skills at all levels.


Professionalism and Honesty

To work competently, efficiently and accurately. Observe high ethical standards and comply with obligations.


Creativity and Innovation

Support and encourage creative and innovative ideas of employees to improve the company performance for the production of medicines of the last generation, and overall success.


Rapidity, flexibility and efficiency

We want to be leaders in our industry. We will act quickly, creatively and effectively.