For centuries, medicine was one of the major cultural values of peoples of Central Asia. The whole world knows the great scientist, pharmacist, physician Abu Ali Ibn Sina, who built the medicine to class of art. His multivolume "The Canon of Medicine" was one of the first editions, which was printed in Europe after the invention of the printing press. In the Canon it was given the description of more than 800 drugs of plant, animal and mineral origin, many of which are still used in modern medicine. Our company, in its period of development, set a goal to continue traditions of our great ancestors and to bring the art of preparing medicines to perfection.




Idea and development

Development of general concept of the project, preparation of infrastructure and production facilities, buying and installation of modern production equipment, creation of testing laboratory.
Result – the birth of modern enterprise for production of finished drugs.




From idea to implementation

Launch of mass production of injection drug in ampoules of 5 and 10 ml. The initial range – 6 drugs: novocaine, magnesium sulfate, calcium gluconate, glucose, sodium thiosulfate, sodium chloride.




We develop

Start-up the line on production of medicines, dry powder antibiotics. The initial range – 2 drugs of penicillin group.




We are recognized

International recognition of success of our company. JV NOVOPHARMA PLUS LLC, the first in the Republic of Uzbekistan, is certified for compliance with international quality standards of ISO (International Organization for Standardization) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). Certification procedure was carried out by independent experts of the European Union – by the company DQS (Germany).
Result - Certificate of ISO 9001:2000 and Confirmation of compliance with GMP show stable high quality of manufacturing products at all stages of production.


2008 – 2009



Renewal of the main equipment of line of dry powder antibiotics. Installation of the second production line of ampoule department with capacity of filling ampoules of 1, 2, 5, and 10 ml and improvement of all complex of equipment for production of injection drug in.
Result - New opportunities to increase production of new finished dosage forms and extension their range.


2010- 2012


Years of great changes

The Certificate on introducing the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 is received. Confirmation on compliance of quality management system with requirements of GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) is issued.
Accreditation and certification of testing laboratory for technical competence by Agency UZSTANDART of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Increasing the range of manufactured drugs. Developing new design of product and style of the company. Registration of our drugs in neighboring states.
Result - Rhythmic work of production units. The growth of release of product and increase in sales. Exports to markets of Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan.




Years of great changes

Certificate for Quality Management System (Certificate Registration №UZ/29/0296359877 on June 13, 2013) suggests that the introduction and used by the Quality Management System in the JV LLC «NOVOPHARMA PLUS» meet the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008 with regard to the scope: Design and Development, manufacturing and Distribution of medical products for Human Use. An audit conducted by an independent certification body LLC «International Certificate System Group» - the Tashkent branch of the ACS Registrars Ltd (UK). The certificate is valid until June 12, 2016.

GMP Certificate

Demonstration of compliance with GMP is the Certificate in Quality Management System JV «NOVOPHARMA PLUS», which is to certify that the introduction and used by the Quality Management System meets the requirements of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Through an audit by an authorized certification body LLC «International Certificate System Group», documented in the report was received confirmation of compliance of the Quality Management System requirements of the EU Commission 2003/94/ES (GMP - Guide, Part 1). Scope: Design and Development, manufacturing and Distribution of medical products for human use.


Living organism

There is no future for a man who does not remember his past. We remember every day, all good and bad, all difficulties and successes. Yes, we are living animated organism. In each drug, which we produce for you, there is a particle of soul of all employees of our company.