Active factor (INN – International Non-proprietary Name)

Metamizole sodium, pitophenon hydrochloride,
fenpiverinum bromide


Code ATC: N02BB52


Pharmacotherapeutic group

Analgetic and spasmolytic drugs


Pharmacological properties

Combination medication, which includes: metamizole sodium (analgin), pitophenon hydrochloride, and fenpiverinum bromide.
Metamizole sodium is a pyrazolone derivative, nonnarcotic analgetic. It has analgesic, antipyretic, and anti-inflammatory action due to inhibition of synthesis of prostaglandins.
Pitophenon hydrochloride is myotropic spasmolytic drug of papaverine type, it has a direct myotropic effect on smooth muscle of internal organs and causes it’s relaxation.
Fenpiverinum bromide is antimuscarinic drug, due to antimuscarinic action it has an additional relaxing effect on smooth muscle.
Combination of three components of the drug leads to mutual reinforcement of their pharmacological action, because of which pain relief comes, smooth muscles relax, and body temperature drops.


Indications for use

Pain syndrome in spasms of smooth muscle of internal organs, including: renal, biliary colic, biliary diskinesia, algodismenorrhea.
Short-term symptomatic treatment of neuralgia, arthralgia, ischialgia, and myalgia.
It is auxiliary for reducing pain after surgical and diagnostic interventions.


Pharmaceutical form

Solution for injection in ampoules of 5 ml.



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Antihypertensive drugs
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