Active factor (INN – International Non-proprietary Name)



Code ATC: J01CR50


Pharmacotherapeutic group

Antibiotic (group of penicillins)


Pharmacological properties

The drug has a broad antibacterial spectrum, combining spectra of ampicillin and oxacillin. It is active against gram-positive and gram-negative microorganisms.
Due to the fact that the drug contains sodium oxacillin, it is active against penicillinase-producing staphylococci.


Indications for use

The drug is prescribed for infections of respiratory tract and lungs (bronchitis, pneumonia, etc.) with anginas, cholangitis, cholecystititis, pyelitis, skin infections and other infections, induced by microorganisms, susceptible to the drug. In cases of unidentified antibiogram and unrecognized and gram-negative bacteria, burn disease, and kidney infections.
It is used for prevention of septic postoperative complications during surgery and for prevention and treatment of infections in newborns.
In treatment of gonorrhea, the drug is used in cases, caused by strains of gonococci, resistant to benzylpenicillin.


Pharmaceutical form

Powder for solution for injection in vials of 0.5 g.



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