Active factor (INN – International Non-proprietary Name)

Dextrose (glucose)


Code ATC: В05СХ01


Pharmacotherapeutic group

Products of parental nutrition


Pharmacological properties

Products for detoxification. Solution of the drug 40% is hypertonic for tissues. When it is introduced into the vein, osmotic pressure of blood increases, flow of fluid from tissues to blood and metabolism are intensified, contractile activity of heart muscle is increased, blood vessels are dilated, and diuresis is increased.


Indications for use

Hypoglycemia, infectious diseases, liver diseases (hepatitis, hepatic dystrophy and hepatatrophy), cardiac decompensation, pulmonary edema, toxicoinfections, various intoxications (intoxications by drugs, hydrocyanic acid and its salts, carbon monoxide, aniline, arsenic hydride, phosgene, and other substances), hemorrhagic diathesis.


Pharmaceutical form

40% solution in ampoules of 5 ml and 10 ml.



Local anaesthetic drugs
Nootropic drugs
Antihypertensive drugs
Drugs for a parenteral food
Medicines applied at poisonings and intoxications
Medicines for metabolic processes correction
Medicines for peripheric blood circulation
Mineral drugs, microcells
Salt solutions
Analgesic and antispasmodic drugs
Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs