Active factor (INN – International Non-proprietary Name)

>Calcium chloride


Code ATC: В05АХ07


Pharmacotherapeutic group

Mineral preparations


Pharmacological properties

It is a source of calcium ions, which plays an important role in contraction of skeletal and smooth muscles, activity of myocardium, process of transmission of nerve impulses, formation of bone tissue, and blood coagulation.
It has anti-allergic effect. Mechanism of anti-allergic action is unknown, but intravenous administration of calcium salts causes an excitation of sympathetic nervous system and strengthening release of adrenaline by adrenal glands.


Indications for use

In allergic diseases (serum sickness, urticaria, angioedema, pollen allergy, etc.) and allergic complications, associated with taking drugs; in enhanced excretion of calcium from body that may occur after prolonged immobilization of patient, pregnancy; as agent, reducing permeability of blood vessels, in hemorrhagic vasculitis, effects of radiation sickness; in inflammatory and exudative processes (pneumonia, pleuritis, plexitis, endometritis, etc.); in skin diseases (pruritus, eczema, psoriasis, etc.); in insufficient function of parathyroid glands (tetany), rachitis (spasmophilia); in parenchymatous hepatitis, toxic liver damage, nephritis, eclampsia, hyperkalemic form of paroxysmal myoplegia.
It is used as hemostatic agent for pulmonary, gastro-intestinal, nasal, and uterine bleeding; before surgical intervention to improve blood clotting.
It is used as an antidote in poisoning by salts of magnesium, oxalic acid and it’s soluble salts, as well as by soluble salts of fluoride acid (in interaction with calcium chloride, non-dissociating and non-toxic oxalate and calcium fluoride are formed).
It is used in combination with other methods and agents to stimulate uterine contractions.


Pharmaceutical form

10% solution in ampoules of 5 and 10 ml.


Calcium chloride

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